This is a message from the manager of Golf workshop K.

Get your golf club at its best

"I think the world of golf is deep and the more you stick, the more you think.
We will offer the best and best golf club for such people.

The structure and habit of the body change depending on the person.
There are always golf club that suit you.
We hope that our customers will use our shop to further enter the golf world.
The support for that will correspond firmly.

Whether you are just starting to play golf or want to take a step up in the ranks, or if you want to stick to your own golf club, please leave it to us.

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Tailor-made specialty store

We offer tailor-made clubs that match your body and habit.
Why not get your own club with only one in the world, sticking to the details?


Shop that handles RODDIO and EPON

It is the only RODDIO and EPON manufacturer dealer in the Hokusetsu region.
In addition, since we are dealing with products of various manufacturers, please consult our shop if you want to stick out and continue golfing.


Commitment to grip

When choosing a grip, I think you will be selected by manufacturer, weight, thickness, design, etc.
In our shop, we suggest that you choose a grip according to the size and grip of the user's hand.


Speedy work

Adjustment of the reshaft will take approximately 15 minutes depending on the congestion situation.
If you are in a hurry, please bring your own.


Commitment to finishing work

The golf clubs we have built in our shop have been assembled neatly and beautifully, and we have finished them wherever you take them.

Manager message

Some customers say, "I'm not confident in the golf club" "I don't know how to choose"
I think there are people who have such thoughts.
In our shop, we will help to dispel those feelings.

Want to make your golf club swing with confidence?

He is the manager of a Golf workshop K and has been a tester for a fishing tackle maker for over 10 years, and is still a bus angler who owns a bass boat on Lake Biwa. Golf is JGA Handicap 3.1 (as of November 30, 2018) Our specialty clubs are drivers and wedges, and drivers fly over 300 yd.