Golf club processing fee list (tax not included)

    • Reshaft
      *注意 持ち込み新品 DEMO シャフトの場合は別途2,200円
    • (Shaft purchased from our shop)3,800yen
      (Shafts purchased from other stores)4,400yen
      (New shaft purchased from another store)6,600yen
    • Without shaft
    • 1,100yen
    • Spine adjustment
      * If you need to insert and remove the shaft, plus reshaft fee is required
    • Free of charge when reshafting.
    • Grip carry-in exchange
    • 600yen
    • Grip reuse
      * Tape scraps may remain on resin grips such as elite / iomic.
    • 700yen
    • Rye loft adjustment
      Stainless steel materials may not be available.
    • 600yen
    • Cell float repair
    • 600yen ~
    • Balance adjustment
      * If you need to remove and insert the shaft, a reshaft fee will be required separately.
    • 300yen ~
      (Lead paste adjustment)
    • Inch up
    • 3,300yen
    • Inch cut
    • 1,100yen
    • Golf club diagnostics
    • free
    • クラブフィッティング費用【GCクワッド/FOCUS使用】
    • (当店にてリシャフトの場合) 5,500yen
      (当店にてクラブご購入の場合) 3,300yen
      (フィッティングのみの場合) 11,000 yenyen

There are discounts depending on the settlement method.