Q, Can I reshaft by bringing in a shaft?

A, We are available. Please tell us.

Q, How long does reshaft take?

A, We will respond in 10 to 15 minutes.
(Excluding times of congestion)

Q, Is there a parking lot?

A, I'm sorry. We do not have a parking lot.
Please use nearby coin parking.

Q, Can you tell me which golf club is right for me?

A, Of course, please consult.

Q, Is there a test golf club loaned?

A, We have prepared a trial club that can be used not only in practice areas but also in rounds.

Q, Do you offer Ladies golf club?

A, There is. Test golf clubs are also available.

Q, Do you handle Lefty?

A, Please contact us.

Q, Is it possible to adjust golf clubs purchased at other stores?

A, Please feel free to tell us.

Q, Can I change the grip by bringing it in?

A, We are available. Please tell us.

Q, Can you deliver?

A, We will respond flexibly based on cash on delivery.